Here are a few places where webmasters can find other webmasters to
exchange or trade links. This is called Reciprocal Linking.
They contact link partners for you and then verify and store the page
where the Reciprocal Linking partner has placed your link.

All are free, easy to use and very effective!

These 3 are the best!

Other good one’s are

I don’t get that many exchanges thru this one, but I do get a couple
a month.

Once you initially set-up your accounts with your sites information,
it all begins to run itself. That is if your using a good Reciprocal Linking

Here’s a great free one.
Link Management Assistant

If you don’t have it already, I HIGHLY recommend SEO Elite.
SEO Elite will find quickly hundreds, even thousands of high Page Rank,
highly related websites for you.
You can then email these websites with a single click of a button!
Never before has contacting owners of websites, and getting links been so easy.

You can Download SEO Elite Here: Download SEO Elite

Good luck with your Reciprocal Linking!